100 Fandoms Icons

I totally enjoyed making these, it gave me something to do while home and lots of new shows to watch. Enjoy!

001. accessory 002. alive 003. animal 004. arrow 005. away
006. birthday 007. black and white 008. blue 009. blur 010. body part
011. brilliant 012. celestial 013. collage 014. comic 015. cool
016. courage 017. cozy 018. crowd 019. dance 020. dark
021. dirty 022. discover 023. disney 024. down 025. drawing
026. dream 027. faded 028. fall 029. family 030. fantasy
031. fight 032. final 033. fire 034. flower 035. food
036. friends 037. game 038. ghost 039. green 040. grey
041. guest 042. hair 043. half 044. heart 045. here
046. history 047. hope 048. hug 049. king 050. kiss
051. laughing 052. letter 053. lighting 054. mask 055. mirror
056. monochrome 057. moon 058. morning 059. music 060. negative space
061. new 062. night 063. noise 064. numbers 065. old
066. opera / musical 067. outfit 068. party 069. perfection 070. polka dots
071. profile 072. promise 073. quotation 074. rain 075. red
076. run 077. scenery 078. shadows 079. sleeping 080. speed
081. spring 082. star 083. stock 084. suit 085. sun
086. sunglasses 087. swing 088. text 089. textured 090. three
091. time 092. turn 093. up 094. water 095. waves
096. weeping 097. welcome 098. wisdom 099. work 100. yellow
1. Avatar 2.Dallas 3.The Muppets 4.Arrow 5.The Princess Bride 6.Gilmore Girls 7.My Fair Lady 8.Frozen 9.WandaVision 10. Brooklyn Nine-nine 11.Fantastic Four 12. Star Trek (original) 13.The West Wing 14. BtVS Comics 15. Happy Days 16. NCIS 17. The Office 18. Modern Family 19. Marvel Runaways 20. Angel 21.Die Hard3 22. ALF 23. Pirates of the Caribbean 24. Blindspot 25. The Big Bang Theory 26. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 27. The Librarians 28. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 29. Star Wars-The Return of the Jedi 30. The Chronicles of Narnia 31. Avengers Endgame 32. Planet of the Apes 33. Game of Thrones 34. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 35. Lady and the Tramp 36. Law and Order-SVU 37. Game 38. Casper the Friendly Ghost 39. The Muppet Movie (Original) 40. Austin Powers-International Man of Mystery 41.Bones 42. Inhumans 43. The Vampire Diaries 44. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 45. Superman (comics) 46. Apollo 13 47. Blacklist 48. Scooby-Doo 49. Hamilton 50. Dawson's Creek 51. Good Will Hunting 52. Downton Abby 53. Back to the Future 54. Grey's Anatomy 55. Mickey Mouse-Thru the Looking Glass 56. New Girl 57. Merlin 58. The Nanny 59. The Sound of Music 60. Star Wars-A New Hope 61. Friends 62. True Blood 63. Blue Bloods 64. Madeline(books) 65. I Love Lucy 66. Grease 67. West World 68. Parks and Recreation 69. Moana 70. Simpsons 71. Supernatural 72. 30 Rock 73. The Wizard of Oz 74. About Time 75. Deadpool 76. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 77. Outlanders 78. Fantasia 79. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist 80. Black Beauty 81. Young Sheldon 82. The Little Mermaid 83. Scandal 84. Suits 85. Firefly 86. The Terminator2 87. 10 Things I Hate About You 88. X Files 89. Rocky Horror Picture Show 90. Dr. Who 91. Smallville 92. Dirty Dancing 93. Sesame Street 94. Monk 95. Veronica Mars 96. Beauty and the Beast 97. Twin Peaks 98. Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back 99. ER 100. Ugly Betty
Spuffy comic drinks


Below find several banners made for seasonal_spuffy and two other banners made for specific fics.

This banner was made for Miss Luci's Secret Santa fic


This banner was made for slaymesoftly's seasonal spffy fic


This banner is made for the seasonal_spuffy kink meme the first prompt...
Instead of Angel being the one to interrupt the fight with Caleb, it's Spike. by Anonymous


This fic banner was made seasonal_spuffy's winter solstice.


This wallpaper and fic banner was made for the prompt by justwriter2 Rapunzel Buffy


Fic banner


The base for the Rapunzel Buffy wallpaper is taken from
the Annie Leibowitz Disney shoot
This is the original picture.

Seasonal Spuffy Fall 2020

Below find one wallpaper and four fiction banners I made for seasonal_spuffy. If you would like a banner personalized or resized, just ask! Enjoy!!

1. Sleeping Buffy (wallpaper)

2. Sleeping Buffy (fic banner) CLAIMED By DarkEternity96

3. Fairy Tale Dreams CLAIMED by DarkEternity96

4. It’s All in the Book UNCLAIMED

5. Day of the Dead UNCLAIMED

The base for the Sleeping Buffy banner and wallpaper and the book image in Fairy Dreams is taken from
the Annie Leibowitz Disney shoot This is the original picture.

Other resources can be found on my profile page.

Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2020

Tuesday was my seasonal_spuffy day, below the cut I have, 5 banners, and 6 icons.

If you would like a banner personalized or resized, just ask! Enjoy!

1. Enemies with Benefits #1 CLAIMED

2. Enemies with Benefits #2CLAIMED

3. Enemies with Benefits #3 CLAIMED

4. Comics SF CLAIMED

5. A Many Pictured Thing UNCLAIMED

6. Touched CLAIMED


1. 3naXzn.png2.3na8Aq.jpg3.3naRkx.png

4.3naMMQ.png5.3natl2.jpg6. 3naiZs.png

The template for banner #5 (A Many pictured Thing) made by javajunkie247

Other resources can be found on my profile page.

If you would like a banner personalized or resized, just ask!
BVts OMWF open credits

Buffy Verse Bingo

I signed up for buffyversebingo.In case you are interested here is my bingo card:

Below are my entries.

Bleed it Out (I love this cap, it’s so heartbreaking)


This is my alternate version.

Lose Control (Spuffy, of course.)UNCLAIMED
Below find one Fic Banner for Lose Control


Plan of Action (I love this scene in AtS)

Below find one “Plan of Action” Banner



Below find one banner for Cleanse.


This is my alternate version.


I took a bit of liberty with this category and did wounds instead of actual scars because how do we know that these wounds didn’t leave scars? ~_^ Below are 15 Scars mood themes.

15 Scars - Mood Theme
Sick Confused Flirty Bitchy Surprised
Chipper Relieved Upset Happy Sleepy
Pissed off Bored Worried Determined Sad

Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2019

Yesterday was my posting day at seasonal_spuffy below find 4 banners and 10 icons.
If you would like any icon/banner personalized (or resized)just ask! Enjoy!!

Banner 1 - Dark Carnival CLAIMED


Banner 2 - Time After Time


this way for full sized image

Banner 3 -Patriotic Spuffy


Banner 4 -Game of Thrones Spuffy


Banner 5 - Seasonal Spuffy Dark Carnival- CAN"T BE CLAIMED
This is the banner that was chosen for the Spring 2019 banner contest.

1 b ss219

1.bOYJqn.jpg 2.bOYLws.jpg 3.bOYPT2.jpg

4.bOYWjQ.jpg 5.bOYZtx.jpg 6. bOYd9N.jpg

7. bOHGbO.jpg 8.bOHICm.jpg 9.bOYkIJ.jpg


Banner 1 - Was made with this tutorial from Envato

Banner 2 - Some textures used in the banner were made by javajunkie247 and thenewbuzwuzz The words are lyrics from "Time After Time" written by Cyndi Lauper

Banner 3 - Was made from this photoshop action found on Actions 4 Photoshop

The caps used in these banners/icons were made from caps made by me from Buffy HD episodes found here

Buffy/Spike comic image taken from Dark Horse Buffy comics A/W by Rebekah Isaacs and Megan Levens.

All resources can be found on my profile page.