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Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2019

Yesterday was my posting day at seasonal_spuffy below find 4 banners and 10 icons.
If you would like any icon/banner personalized (or resized)just ask! Enjoy!!

Banner 1 - Dark Carnival CLAIMED


Banner 2 - Time After Time


this way for full sized image

Banner 3 -Patriotic Spuffy


Banner 4 -Game of Thrones Spuffy


1.bOYJqn.jpg 2.bOYLws.jpg 3.bOYPT2.jpg

4.bOYWjQ.jpg 5.bOYZtx.jpg 6. bOYd9N.jpg

7. bOHGbO.jpg 8.bOHICm.jpg 9.bOYkIJ.jpg


Banner 1 - Was made with this tutorial from Envato

Banner 2 - Some textures used in the banner were made by javajunkie247 and thenewbuzwuzz The words are lyrics from "Time After Time" written by Cyndi Lauper

Banner 3 - Was made from this photoshop action found on Actions 4 Photoshop

The caps used in these banners/icons were made from caps made by me from Buffy HD episodes found here

Buffy/Spike comic image taken from Dark Horse Buffy comics A/W by Rebekah Isaacs and Megan Levens.

All resources can be found on my profile page.
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